Los Cardinales

Our main fields are purchasing and selling rural land, investment projects, real estate developments and agricultural management. We provide a comprehensive service in each and every of them, a global advisory service for decision-making and follow-up every step of the way.

Our service portfolio provides unbeatable opportunities for local and foreign investors.


Purchasing and selling of rural land

We are experts in purchasing and selling livestock, agricultural, forestry and fruit rural land.

We work with rural land offers all across the country, either for livestock, agriculture, forestry, fruticulture or mixed exploitation.

Investment projects

We develop agriculture and livestock management, development and production projects. Our service ranges from spotting opportunities to building teams for their implementation.

Real estate developments

We identify high potential development opportunities either in urban or countryside environments, with a view to optimizing the commercial and/or productive potential.

Agriculture and livestock management

We work in company and investment groups’ administration and representation in the local market.