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The country´s remarkable growth in the last decade is related with a strong increase in investment. Foreign direct investment in Uruguay has reached record levels what has enabled the country to position amongst the main FDI receivers, in terms of GNP, in South America.

Besides being a great FDI receiver, Uruguay is one of the leading countries in Latin America in regard to utilities reinvestment. This shows investors´ reliability in our country, rooted in the profitability they obtain as well as the good business environment they find.


Uruguay, a chosen destination. To invest and reinvest.

Por qué Uruguay


Uruguay has a strategic location as the gateway to enter Mercosur through its two main ports: Montevideo and Nueva Palmira, located in the exit of the Paraná-Paraguay-Uruguay waterway.

Its time zone, between the US and Europe, makes it an amazing partner to provide global services to the region and the world.

Uruguay Natural
Por qué Uruguay

10 reasons to invest in Uruguay

1 Political, legal and social stability

Uruguay counts on a democratic system that has had institutional and legal continuity what guarantees a favourable business environment and respect for playing by the rules.

2 Solid macroeconomics

Uruguay grew 5 %, on average, between 2004 and 2015, consolidating more than a decade of sustained growth.

3 Access to an extended market

Uruguay is part of Mercosur and has an FTA with Mexico, two reasons that make it a gateway to a 400-million people potential market.

4 Benefits to the investor

Uruguay offers key incentives to foreign and national investment, both at a fiscal level and regarding its Free Zones, Free Ports and Airports, amongst others.

5 Ease to do business

Uruguay improved its state processes´ efficiency, custom proceedings´ agility and international trade operations´ flow.

6 Modern Logistics

Counting on first level port infrastructure, its highway links and a Free Port regime, Uruguay is the best logistic platform of the Mercosur and an advantageous distribution center for in transit goods.

7 Technological leader

Uruguay leads the ICTs development index in Latin America (UIT). Besides, it ranks as the fastest download speed country in the region thanks to its modern infrastructure (Akami-2016).

8 Competitive national talent

First country in implementing the One Laptop per Child programme, Uruguay possesses full digital inclusion, free education, extended command of English and Portuguese, and universal access to the public university system.

9 Efficient energy policy

Uruguay has the greatest investment in clean energies in Latin America, and its Eolic energy-based electricity production is on the avant-garde worldwide. 95 % of electricity is generated by renewable sources and more than 20 % of it comes from Eolic parks.

10 Excellent standard of living

Motevideo has the best standard of living in Latin-America (Mercer 2016), and Uruguay is the country that has the highest and best distributed income in the region.