Los Cardinales

We provide a comprehensive, professional and customised service.

Los Cardinales is a specialized agriculture and livestock company which combines an in-depth knowledge of the field with a comprehensive, professional and strategic vision of the business, either for the mid or long term.


Los Cardinales is made of a multidisciplinary team which provides a comprehensive service, fulfilling each and every client need with the same high quality standards and devotion.

Every client has unique needs and that´s why service at Los Cardinales is oriented towards being truly customised, based on empathy, trust and transparency.



We work in attracting local and foreign investors and we invite them to get acquainted with investment opportunities in Uruguay. Our business consists of providing the best comprehensive service to our clients so as to assist them in investing in productive projects.



We aim at being the most reliable and solid company for those who wish to invest in agriculture and livestock production projects in Uruguay. Being an innovative enterprise when it comes to idea creation and capitalizing opportunities.



The discipline we put in doing what we like, inspires and motivates us day after day to make our greatest effort in order to achieve our goals. Our organizational culture shows that attitude, dynamism and responsibility are key to our work.