Welcome to Los Cardinales

Los Cardinales is made up by a group of young people, that works with a dynamic attitude and responsibility to provide the best service to our clients. We are a company dedicated to explode to the top the intellectual potential of each one on working as a team, and the resources applied to the elaboration, development and execution of productive projects for our customers. Our organizational culture is based on the discipline and the quality of our work, which generate a very pleasant atmosphere, doing what we really like to do and enjoy. The organizational attitude comes from a personal attitude. This feature gives our company an added value which distinguishes us on the market and satisfies the inversor’s needs. We are a serious and transparent company for our clients, and very confidential in the working environment. Innovation and development are our main challenges.



We are a young multidisciplinary team, composed of professionals with a vast experience in various areas of agricultural production, market research, projects development and execution.

Our accounting legal and notarial support, is distinguished at the local level for its outstanding performance and commitment, which provides an agile, deep and constant service.

Our production department is composed of agronomists, veterinarians and field operators.

  • MISSION - We are dedicated to attracting local and foreign investors, and invite them to get to know investments alternatives in Uruguay. Our activity consists of providing the best integral service to our clients, to help them to invest in productive projects. Our mission lies on the long term goals of the company, and is also established as a fundamental criterion at the time of making decisions and important actions for Los Cardinales to achieve 3 fundamental goals: to create and to carry out businesses, to satisfy the customer, and to generate value and make the difference.
  • VISSION - We look forward to be the most reliable and solid company to those who wish to invest in agricultural productive projects in Uruguay. To be an innovative company in the creation of ideas and the capitalization of opportunities. We intend to be the company of greatest pleasure and job satisfaction for investors and for our work team. Our vision is the framework of the operation plan and describes what needs to be achieved the maximum sustainability, quality and growth.
  • VALUES - The discipline committed to doing what we like to do, inspires and motivates us to strive every day to achieve our goals. Our organizational culture evidences that we work with attitude, dynamic and responsibility.

Our Services

Our main item is in the food production sector, such as fruit trees, beef cattle ranching and rainfed agriculture, as well as afforestation. We take care of obtaining the necessary resources (land identification, team building, work services, etc.) and we offer complete advice for decision making. We develop a diagnosis and projection of the business that best suits the needs of our customers in the short, medium and long term.

LOS CARDINALES - We are the vehicle for your investment.

Purchase and sale

of livestock, agricultural, forestry and fruit fields.

Preparation, development and execution

of food production projects.

Comprehensive advice

for the opening of companies in the local area, which includes the legal, notarial, accounting services, and the management of the production system.


of foreign companies or investors at the local level.



10 Reasons to invest in Uruguay

Political, legal, and social stability

Uruguay has a democratic system with institutional and legal stability, which guarantees a positive business environment and respect for the regulatory framework.

Macroeconomic soundness

Between 2004 and 2015, Uruguay grew by 5% per year on everage, consolidating over a decade of sustained growth.

Preferential market access

Uruguay is member of Mercosur and has signed an FTA with Mexico. Tuis makes it the gateway to a potential market with 400 million people.

Investor benefits

Uruguay offers significant incentives for foreign and domistic investors, which are related to aspects such as taxes, and de Free-Trade Zoneport and Free Port and Airport systems.

Ease of doing business

Uruguay has made state processes more efficient, customs procedures swifter, and international trade operations more seamless.

Modern logistics

Uruguay´s a first-class port infrastructure, road network, and Free Port systems make in the best logistics platform of the Mercosur region, as well as an advantageous distribution center for goods in transit.

Leader in ICT

Uruguay ranks 1st in the ICT Development Index for Latin America (ITU). It is also the country with the fastets download speeds in the region thanks to its modern infrastructure (Akami-2016).

Competitive national talent

Uruguay was the first country to implement One Laptop per Child program. It has full digital inclusion, free education, everiday use of English and Portuguese, and State-run university accessible for everyone.

Efficient energy policies

Uruguay is the Latin American country with the greatest investment in clean energy. It is also a global leader in the production of electricity from wind power. 95% of Uuruguay´s electricity is produced from renewable sources, 30% which comes from wind farms.

Excellent quality of life

Montevideo has the best quality of living in Latin America (Mercer, 2016). Also, Uruguay is the country with the highest and best-distributed income in the region.

Uruguay, a destination to invest and reinvest

The country´s significant growth over the last decade is related to a strong increase in investments. In Uruguay, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has reached record levels, which has allowed the country to become one of the main FDI destinations in South America over the last decade, in terms of GDP.

Besides being an important FDI destination, Uruguay is one of the top conuntries in profit reinvestment in Latin America. This shows how much investors trust our country, based on the return they obtain and the good business environment.

Strategic location

Uruguay has a strategic location as a gateway to Mercosur, and two of its main ports, Montevideo and Nueva Palmira, are located at the end of the Paraná-Paraguay-Uruguay river system.

Its time zone, beatwen the U.S. and Europe, makes the contry a great complement to offer global services to the region and the world.



Salto - Uruguay:
Mailing address: Avenida Costanera Sur 103, oficina 603.
Contact phone number: +598 99 109 566
Email: federicodelgue@loscardinales.com.uy
Montevideo – Uruguay:
Mailing address: Avenida Ingeniero Luis P. Ponce 1537, oficina 201.
Contact phone number: +598 99 396 614
Email: veronicasalvo@loscardinales.com
Tokio – Japón:
Mailing address: 14-4 6-chome,Nishi-Gotanda,Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo
Contact phone number:+598 95 761 001
Email: ignacioeirale@loscardinales.com.uy