Los Cardinales

Investing in Uruguay

Rural realestate agency. Rural business professionals

Los Cardinales is a company that is specialized in agribusiness, which combines a deep knowledge of the field with a business, professional and strategic vision.

With a long proven
Adding know-how
and strategic vision.


We are a young, multi-disciplinary team made of professionals that have a wide and proven track record in different areas of: agriculture and livestock production, market research, project development and execution.

A multidisciplinary approach.
Counting on a team
that provides the
best service in every
field of the business.

Our accounting, legal and notary support is recognized at a local level due to its outstanding performance and commitment which provides an agile, thorough and steady service. Our production department is made of agronomists, veterinarians and field operators.

A team made
of people who love
what they do.
Motivated, professional
and transparent.